Horror Movies (2016-2017)


People love to watch horror movies these days. It gives complete entertainment package to their viewers. These movies are the way to relax and unwind the stresses of our daily life. We can feel the phobia after viewing movies on big screen. Today our life is so dull that we have to look for some artificial replacement to soothen our mind. Thus keeping in the point of views here is the list of top upcoming movies (2016-2017):

Tutak Tutak Tutiya ( 7 October 2016)


First Look And Poster Of Tutak Tutak Tutiya:
The first official poster of the movie is released and all the leading characters can be seen on the dance floor performing the dance steps. Poster is also featuring with title of the movie and other details on it.

This movie is Horror and Comedy movie produced by Sonu Sood and directed by Vijay. The music of this film is given by Sajid-Wajid. Prabhu Deva, Sonu Sood, Tamannah Bhatia are the cast members in this picture. The story of this movie is also given by A.L. Vijay. This bollywood movie is going to release on Oct 7, 2016.

Trailer Review:

The first official trailer of Tutak Tutak Tutiya has been released on the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. Which is a completee package of enthusiasm and engery and Prabhu Deva dance gives plus point to the trailer. We can also see the gorgeous and stunning look of Tamannaah Bhatia. If we pay attention to Sonu Sood then never seen before avtar can be seen in this. The King Khan, Shahrukh Khan voice is used in the trailer to narrate the character and their apparence. Prabhudeva the finest Indian dancer also showed his dancing talent in this. Tamannaah is going to play the double role in this horror movie as a simple village girl who is the wife of Prabhu in redwap movie and second one is bold modern look. Farah Khan is playing cameo role in the picture as a choreographer and Amy Jackson also play dazzling actress role of cameo in the movie.

Saansein (11 November 2016)


First Look And Poster of Saansein (2016):
The first official poster of this movie is released where the horror flick is out and it featuring the star actors Rajneesh and Sonarika in very terrifying look. They are tense and giving tensed look in the mirror but it is the more exciting to see the dreadful image of lady standing behind her. The title of the text with ESG graph add more thrill in this movie. All the details of crew is mentioned below the mirror.

This hindi romantic and horror movie is directed by Rajiv S Ruia and produced by Gautam Jain. If we talk about the music composer then Vivek Kar gives brilliant music to it. Rajneesh Duggal, Hiten Tejwani, Sonarika Bhadoria, Amir Dalvi, Vishal Malhotra and Neetha Shetty are the cast members of this upcoming film. We can see it on the big screen on Nov 11, 2016.

More Information Of Saansein:
The exact story of this movie is not revealed by makers yet but we get information that it is based on romantic horror sequences. We have superb actor of 1920 movie Rajneesh in this horror movie and Sonarika from the popular serial Devo Ke Dev Mahadev. The makers give us the surety of full thrills with its unnerving content. Film is shot at the locations of Mauritius.

The Bye Bye Man (9 December 2016):


First Look And Poster:
The official poster of this movie is released who shows the dark side of The Bye Bye Man standing with the evil and deadly mindset. We can see brutal letter instead of body in the costume. The poster is featuring with the scary tagline The Evil Behind The Most Unspeakable Acts Has A Name along with the title.

This horror and thrill movie is produced by Simon Horsman, Seth William Meier, Trevor Macky, Malinda Nishioka and Jeffrey Soros under the direction of Stacy Title. The story is penned by Jonathan Penner and the distributor of this triller film is STX Entertainment. Douglas Smith, Doug Jones, Faye Dunaway, Lucein Laviscount, Cleo King, Cressida Bonas, Erica Tremblay, Carrie-Anne Moss, Jenna Kanell and Michael Trucco are the cast member of this movie. We can see this movie on big screen only at December 9, 2016.

Story Information Of The Bye Bye Man:
The movie is based on the mysterious horror story of three friends who are college friends from the Wisconsin College. They encountered with a mind-controlling monster. The bye bye man is a real life stranger who killed innocent people very cruely. It is really excited to see how three friend find a way to escape from his trouble and how bye bye man control the mind of people so easily.

Trailer Review:

The scary trailer of this movie is revealed and it shows the series of events experienced by students of college who shifts to the old house and how he gets trapped into the supernatural entity of Bye Bye Man who kills the students after discover their identity.

Underworld: Blood Wars (6 Janauary 2017):


First Look And Poster:
The official first trailer of this movie is released having silver lining or text above the black background.

This action and horror movie is directed by Anna Forester and story is given by Cory Goodman. David Kern, Tom Rosenberg, Richard Wright, Gary Lucchesi and Len Wiseman are the producers of this movie. Screen Gems is the distributor of this upcoming film.

More Information of Underworld: Blood Wars:
This part is the fifth instalement of this Franchisee having Kate Beckinsale in the lead role. We don’t have still the story details as the maker not revealed it yet. We are expecting a war between Lycans, Vampires and Human in this series. It shows the supernatural power of Vampire and Werewolf.

Trailer Review Of Movie:

The official trailer of this movie is revealed by Sony Pictures as the next installement. Kate performing the role of Vampire who has more supernatural powers. Selene is determinant to end the eternal war which is happening between the Lycans leaders and Vampires.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (January 27, 2017):


First Look And Poster:
With the Milla Jovovich and two new faces the official poster is out now. This photo perhaps taken during the shooting. We have one more poster having Milla Jovovich coming out in a Gun Blazing Avtar which is really a treat for their viewers.

This Action, Sci-Fi and Horror movie is going to release on 2017. Paul W. S. Anderson is the director of movie and Jeremy Bolt, Samuel Hadida, Paul W. S. Anderson and Robert Kulzer are the producer of this film. The story is penned by Capcom and Screen Gems is the distributor of this action movie. Milla Jovovich, Iain Glen, Ali Larter and Shawn Roberts are the starring leaders of this movie.

Story of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter:
This movie is the last chapter of Resident Evil series. In this part Alice is working with Wesker and other survived members. Here the last battle between the humans and undead is shown very well. Its interesting to see how the Alice end up this chapter very well which is more difficult and dangerous than ever.

What makes music “Classical” ?

The greater part of us naturally know whether a bit of music is classical. Be that as it may, what makes it so? What does all traditional music have in like manner that makes it? Well, classical?


Leonard Bernstein once proposed that what all classical music has in like manner is its notational exactness. He recommended that dissimilar to traditional music, which is recorded freely and frequently fundamentally rethought by various entertainers, established music ought to be played the same way every time. There is something to be said for this. Wapking set musician’s understanding of a Chopin “Mazurka” will vary. However, they’ll all play the same notes – while every jazz piano player will play ‘Take the A Train’ in, particularly distinctive ways. However, Bernstein hasn’t check graphically recorded traditional music or even extravagant figured bass. So documentation isn’t what all established music has in like manner.


Perhaps there are particular consonant or cadenced qualities that all created music works have in like manner. Astonishing quantities of individuals appear to hold this perspective. In any case, the briefest examination of any critical eighteenth and twentieth Century work demonstrates it’s simply not the situation. Truth be told, as respects musicality and congruity, Mozart’s music has less in the same manner as much Twentieth Century music than it does with prominent contemporary music.


Maybe instrumentation is the thing that makes a piece established. Huge numbers of the instruments ordinarily utilized by traditional arrangers are once in a while employed as a part of different classifications. Furthermore, some particular mixes of those instruments are related solely to classical music – a wind quintet, for instance. In any case, Steve Reich’s ‘Electric Counterpoint’ utilizes electric guitars and it’s traditional. And afterward, there’s musique concrete and traditional electronic music. No, instrumentation isn’t what makes established music classic either.


In my perspective, what all created music has in like manner is something immaterial, more an embodiment than whatever else: an arrangement of qualities. All music deceives the estimations of the individuals who create it. What’s more, I think this is the thing that all traditional music has in like manner – the same center qualities support its making. To distil these into dialect is colossally troublesome. However, “fabulousness” and “request” appear to be necessarily apt; “brilliance” for clear as crystal reasons and “claim” because the best-established arrangers and entertainers keep up a scrutinizing attitude in all parts of their practice.


This origination of what it is going after to be traditional is truly the same amount of about what it is to be an established performer. What’s more, this sounds good to me. All things considered, music is made by individuals, for individuals. Why else does it exist? At its center, all workmanship is human. I can hardly imagine how what makes classical dj maza music established is something as commonplace as documentation, or even stable. What makes traditional musical created is the estimations of the general population who make it, who adore it, and who see the world through its casing.


Like whatever other time, the traditional time had its offer of progressive authors (e.g. CPE Bach, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Filmywap) who based upon what had preceded and included their particular individual, incomparable virtuoso and facilitated the advancement of western music in general; and in addition the individuals who just formed inside the elaborate standards of the time (their names, of course, are not all that plainly understood). Music of the established time is not homogeneous: looking at ahead of schedule and late traditional music will discover a lot of contrasts, and additionally remainders of the time deserted and indications of the time to take after. Singular authors all have their particular propensities or musical ‘calling cards’, which is the reason a large number of people who have concentrated on musical hypothesis at even a simple level. Which have listened to what’s coming to them of music from a period can rapidly make an educated supposition at the writer of a bit of music they’ve never heard.


To be completely forthright, even an untrained ear can without much of a stretch hear the incomprehensible contrasts in sound between the works of elaborate writers (e.g. Bach, Purcell), established (e.g. Haydn, Mozart), sentimental (e.g. Beethoven, Tchaikovsky), and more present day writers (e.g. Stravinsky, Schoenberg, Gershwin, and so forth.).


Once more, it’s a matter of setting. The more music you listen to and the more extensive the range of time, the more musical connection you’re ready to get, and the less demanding it is to recognize what makes the music from a particular period discernable from that of another. While in layman’s terms every one of those writers would be viewed as ‘traditional music’, it’s somewhat similar to contrasting the Beatles with Deadmau5, or Nina Simone to Taylor Swift. There are a few similitudes. However the standards inside music itself have proceeded onward, and the distinctions are unfathomable.

About Punjabi Dresses

Dress is the Specification of any nation. It is the thing which describe you the nationality of a person without even asking. Every country has its own conventional dress. There are numbers of countries in all over the world and every country and states have different culture. People wear clothes according to their civilization and society. Clothing is our basic need. The main character of clothing and fashion is something that has cursed our society for a long time. Every teenager all over the world clothing plays principle role their life. It defines our identity and protects us from different weather. For summer climate we wear cotton clothes and in winter weather people warm dresses. It makes us stand out individual personality and being original in crowed. Youngster mostly preferred to wear trendy and stylish clothes, they attract to western dresses. Punjab region people wear cotton clothes ladies especially wore salwar kameez and men wear kurta pajama. It had a flourishing industry in cotton. Varieties of dresses are worn based on dissimilar Punjabi festivals, event and ceremonies. Ladies are very conscious about their dress and look on any occasion. Punjabi ladies generally love to wear Heavy Embroidery Punjabi suit. So that’s why we are more elaborate here about Punjabi Suit.

However, Punjabi suits our traditional dress. It is also known as salwar kameez. This is good for ladies as well as little girls also. It is popular in all the territory, cities and villages of Punjab. It holds equal importance in both situations whether can wear ceremonies and casual wear. Every women or a girl can easily wear salwar suit in her daily life because they can feel very comfortable in this dress. Punjab is one of colorful region in all over the world with unique and rich culture to inspiring people globally. Punjabi suits in diversion of varieties are the most favorable costumes in women region wear. Women wear Punjabi suit on festivals, weddings and any celebration. It becomes more popular in not even Punjab as well as in other countries also. It includes under different type of design and fabric. Dupatta and Fulkari are often draped around the neck and compulsory with suit. Punjabi women wear suthan with kurta, kameez or jhaga. When women go to outside they replaced suthan with churidar pajammi and be covered with Punjabi Ghagra. Ladies wear churidar pajaami with long kurta with stylish look. Patiala Punjabi suit are more demanding nowadays, this is taking the fashion world by storm. Ladies are loved to wear proper Patiala suit and always it I’ll be first choice of women.

Moreover, Salwar is like a type of pant and worn by the women. These are available in different verities and style. Ladies can be purchased readymade with kameez or can be stitched by own at home. There are many types of salwar: Churidar salwar, traditional salwar, pajama type salwar, Patiala salwar, pathani salwar and so on. Patiala salwar drapes look attractice and most popular in Punjabi clothing style. There are varieties of design of the salwar kameez can be found in market. These can be different type of fabric and colors. Single salwar can be stitched with different style and with variety of kameez contrast. Some women like modern designs suits and other like traditional floral designs. The choice of Punjabi suit is totally depend on when and where o wear that dress. The designer and heavy salwar suits can be chosen according to occasion like any birthday parties, marriage, reception and any festival. If you are going to any cultural program then salwar kameez is the best choice for every young woman. Not even ladies are wearing to these types of suits girls also wear Punjabi suit on any occasion. Dupatta is played a very important role with suit but some ladies love to express their dressing without duppatta also. As we discuss before salwar are many types size of salwar differ from design to design. For example churidar pajaami fits your ankles and Patiala salwar gives a broad look to their personality. The normal salwar is not too much tight it’s loose and fit to legs of ladies body. It depends on style of dressing and pattern that wear by women.

In spite of Punjabi suits are available in diversion types of fabrics like: cotton,chiffon, silk, nylon, crape etc. It gives great look to the traditional style. Some heavy embroidery salwar kameez suits are made especially for parties and any occasion. Hand work and any kind of embroidery are gives unique special look to full suit.  These types of suits are especially made for functions and festivals and are very costly than normal suit. Women can buy any kind of suit through different online shopping sites. There are numbers of online website which provide us designer suits with price tags. Nowadays for top most favorable and demanding site is wahfashion.com. This is an online shopping store.  Ladies can place there order any time at anywhere with the help of internet. In this shopping site variety of suits like casual wear and parties wear and can also buy matching jewelry.

In crux, no doubt western dresses are favorable in youngsters but I think women look beautiful in Punjabi suit. Any type of salwar kameez whether designer and normal suit is perfect and comfortable for ladies as well as girls also. Punjabi are famous not even India and Punjab as well as ladies wear salwar kameez in foreign also.


Pros and Cons of films

Film is the video movie which is produced by director on story script, dialogues and sound system. The all combination shows theme to the people. Every rdxhd film has new concept. Some movie based on traditional culture, some on education, some on social love and affection etc. every director target some audience who will watch this movie. The movie which has devotional theme target old age people and movie based on comic and comedy target young age and as well as children. The main purpose of movie is to entertain public and yield maximum revenue.

There are many pros and cons of movies to the society such as: –


Pros of Movies: –

  1. Entertain people: – It is first aim of every film is to entertain the people.People watch movies because they want rest from work. When we do similar work every day, feel bore& stress and irritate from work so people want outing with friends and family so that they can relax and feel changing environment. The industry helps the people to entertain themselves. People go cinemas for watch new stories and enjoy with their social circle. Watching movie in the theatre with large quantity of public give great experience.
  2. Educational activity: – It is educational activity. We can learn many things which we cannot think in reality. Which we saw in dreams then director make in reality and show the public. There are many stories which are based on history and culture of country. The students can get knowledge about history of country.The backward area people who do not get education can learn information by seeing movie.
  3. Teamwork: – Film is produced by team effort of various actors. Because various people play different roles in movies. A single person cannot play all concept of story. It is the collaboration of various persons such as actors, co actors, cameraman, designers, dress designers, story writers etc. the work of all persons shows team work. The job persons learn many qualities of work from work.
  4. Learn working techniques: – Various professional persons learn many qualities of work. Because in movie all professionals provide their service and person who are under training learn these things such as a studio man can learn movement and effect of camera in the movie. New director can watch direction of expert director how he put energy in movie script.
  5. Fame and Name: – It is the platform by which a person can become a star in one night. It’s all depends upon the movie. If the public like concept of movie and watch more and more, the movie become blockbuster in industry. The actor, director and all members got fame in market. Every person has name of movie on his tongue.
  6. Generating Revenue: – It is also revenue generating activity. The producer, who invests the money for make whole project, earns money in return by success of movie in the cinemas. All people earn revenue who takes part in production movie.
  7. Gives inspirations: – There are many things of movie which inspire the people towards brave, clever, hardworking etc. the old story movies inspire the people by showing the concept how people do hard work without any technology. Because technology makes people lazy. Some movies make people brave such as person who fears from the name of evils. He can inspire by seeing evils movies. By these movies he can learn how we can control over mind.
  8. Sharing arts: – It provides platform where individual can show his emotions, ability and thoughts. If the painter can express his ability of thoughts and experience by painting boards same as the director shows his feeling and emotions in the movies.

Cons of Movies: –

  1. Create Violence: – There are many movies which create violence over society. It has bad effect and influence the public mostly effect on youngsters. There are many scenes in the movies which motivate the youngsters for bad things like drugs, crimes etc. Students learn many new things for torture and abuse etc. and they implement with others.
  2. Profit motive only: – Now days people director earn maximum profit from cinemas. They make movie which produce in small investment and give maximum return. Mostly director add sexual scenes which encourage people to watch movie. It creates bad effect over society.
  3. Wastage of money: – Today era director spent more money on advertisement, publicity, teaser, appealing posters etc. if the movie does not yield return more than its cost, the movie become flop in the industry.
  4. Adulteration: – Director makes movies on the basis of bad scenes. It had adverse effect on school going students as well as youngsters. They spent more time on these videos. It affects their future and career.
  5. Fake imagination: – These movies show many concepts which are not real and cannot happens actual form such as run on wall live over water etc.

We can many advantages and disadvantages of movies. But its mostly depend upon our opinions. If we get good points then it is beneficial. If we get bad things than it adverse to society.

Content Credit – djmaza